SOS honey bees!


The honeybee is a fundamental pollinator insect in the life cycle of ecosystems.


The varroa destructor is an endemic parasite of honey bees, present all over the planet, the first cause of beehives collapse.


Thanks to the beekeepers, the honey bee can survive the varroa but for beekeepers it is a difficult task to control and contain the varroa. Often they must count the varroa on the bottom board placed under the beehive to understand the amount of varroa present and decide if and how to treat the family of bees.

The solution

The Apisfero association with its researchers team has created a diagnostic system tool capable of recognizing and counting the Varroa on the beehive bottom board using a sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithm.

The Bee Varroa Scanner (BeeVS) allows:

  1. to reduce the number of varroa contrast treatments;
  2. to reduce the time required to carry out checks;
  3. to have the history of the spread of Varroa;
  4. to save honeybees colony from collapse due to the mite infestation.

The Varroa counter BeeVS uses hitech at the service of honeybees and beekeepers.