The BeeVS project by APISFERO APS responds to one of the most complicated and difficult tasks for the beekeeper, the counting of varroa, a honey bee parasite as big as a pinhead, causing diseases and virus infections in the hive.

The APISFERO team has created an innovative tool called Bee Varroa Scanner (BeeVS) able to ‘read’ the bottom board of the hive and count with extreme precision the number of varroa present.

The accuracy of the measurement is extremely important because it depends on the correct countermeasures for the containment of varroa, one of the main exogenous factors of death of bees in recent years.

In the following video it is possible to observe the operation of the instrument. Each scan consists of 40 images and each image is a 7×5 cm portion of the drop bottom board. A total resolution of around 80 megapixels. The green rectangles highlight the recognition made by the system of every single varroa present. Science fiction today became reality thanks to artificial intelligence.

The operation of the tool was validated by the University of Turin, DISAFA department in July 2018. The Boxplot kindly offered by the University of Turin – DISAFA compares the accuracy of the automatic count in the 36th version of the neural network compared to the expert human count. Currently, algorithm version 41 in service is even more precise than 36.

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