The following answers are for the users of the Conta Varroe BeeVS and have the purpose to clarify some fundamental aspects of technical nature and service.

How accurate is BeeVS?

The resolution of the scan is about 80 megapixels, the current neural network is version 41, each version has been the subject of training with hundreds of thousands of examples of Varroa Destructor.

The tool has been validated by the University of Turin with a thesis by dr. Fabio Martino (July 2018), go to the article of our blog to learn more. The Boxplot (source United-DISAFA) compares the measured accuracy of the instrument with respect to expert human counting.

Also the research group of the Austrian Beekeepers Federation (Biene Österreich) conducted a study on BeeVS (October 2018) entitled “Testing of Varroa field diagnostic systems”

How can I have the BeeVS?

To get the scanner at the moment, you need 4 simple steps:

Associate with Apisfero A.P.S. >>> APISFERO member registration form
Fill out a supply contract for goods and services – BeeVS
Register on the apisferoweb.it website (top right ‘REGISTER’ item) and create your personal data
Withdraw and use BeeVS

How do I join Apisfero?

Download the APISFERO member registration form and sign it and send it in electronic format to info [at] apisfero.org
Pay the annual membership fee.
Receive the payment receipt.
What is the maximum scan area?

The current version detects about 35×45 cm of the surface of the fall bottom placed under the apiary.

How does the BeeVS work?

To use the scanner you must have placed a white sheet A3 or better still a 35×45 adhesive sheet on the bottom of the apiary that can remain for a period not exceeding 6 days (recommended).
The BeeVS has a slit inside which the apiary bottom is slid with the adhesive white sheet.
You control the BeeVS via your smartphone without having to download any APP.
The images are sent on the Internet and processed to obtain the count of the Varroa present.

Do I have to use a particular paper?

We recommend using 35×45 sticky papers properly coded to be able to bring the sheet back to the hive being counted.

How much should the sheet be on the bottom before the count?

We recommend a sticky paper up to a maximum of 6 days. Actually, during the autumn-winter periods, the stay period can be even longer.

How much does BeeVS cost?

The BeeVS is not currently on sale, it is a paid service offered to the Apisfero A.P.S . member. It is possible to ask for a quote by writing to info [at] apisfero.org.

Is it mandatory to join Apisfero to use the tool?

In order to use the BeeVS and all the associated services it is necessary to pay the membership fee and be a member of the Apisfero association.

Apisfero Team