After the 2016-2017 crowdfunding campaign, we received a first fundamental funding for our research thanks to BancaEtica and all our generous donors who believed in the Varroa Scanner BeeVS project.

You can look at the APISFERO “SOS Api” project by clicking here

The project was successful and we have created and distributed 10 instruments instead of the 5 budgeted ones but at the end of December 2017 the budget raised with the crowdfunding campaign has ended. Currently the project is self-financed as we recognize the usefulness of what we are doing, but we need new contributions so that the Varroa Scanner BeeVS project can continue to exist, be used throughout the beekeeping world and evolve.

Everything has a cost and often costs even if not used. A few examples of our costs include our IT infrastructure that makes “this dream” real, the materials to make the BeeVS tools, all the collateral services like web domains and also the institutional site you are on now has a cost.

For all these reasons, we ask you to continue to trustingly support this important, useful, necessary and indispensable initiative to save our bees and to give concrete help to the beekeeping world, make your donation! Thanks in advance.

You can donate by bank transfer APISFERO APS bank transfer to Banca Popolare Etica. IBAN: IT50Z0501801000000012420501 BIC Code: CCRTIT2TXXX