Rebels for Nature

We are a group of researchers who believe in the widespread knowledge made available to the Environment.

Our motto is Earth-friendly technologies.

We believe that care is an essential dimension of being human.

We try to help honeybees through sustainable digital technologies that can make a difference.

We have formed ourselves into the Non profit association and we promote DigitEcology: the digital world at the disposal of ecology, Nature, our unique and precious Planet.

Gianluca Francini

Chief Scientific Officer

Pedalare nel vento

Andrea Varesio

Vice President

Scalare tutti i 4000 delle Alpi

Maurizio Ghirardi

Chief Financial Officer

Studiare è un gioco

Davide Bassignana


Pane, miele e montagna

Nicholas Panayi

Chief Communication Officer

Agroecology is my life